Forget Normal

A while ago a young member of our online support group posted up an important question:

“Will I ever be normal again.”

My heart went out to the poster.  I’ve been through exactly that countless times in the last 15 years.  I didn’t have the heart to respond to their need because the answer isn’t clear cut.

“Normal” is a myth.  Nobody is normal.

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Managing Emotional Stress

Stress is stress.  Physical, work, emotional, it makes no difference.  It drains you and reduces what reserves you have.  One of our prime tasks as people with adrenal issues is to find ways to remove or (at least) manage stress.  But what happens when that stress is from a relationship?

You either cut it out or you put a box around it.

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Now: More on Recovery

I’m starting to understand my personal recovery process more.  There’s more to it than the obvious recovery of mind and standard physical aspects.  My adrenals are part of this recovery process, lurking in the background, recovering at a totally different pace than everything else.  Continue reading